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Charlotte, NC 28277
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Jim and Jane Johnson own and operate Land and Sea Surfacing,Inc.
Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.
How Land and Sea evolved:

Jim and Jane owned and operated a successful paint and wallpaper contracting company in South Florida. A product called Belbien was specified on a project Jim was working on at Disney World. He was very intrigued by this new product and investigated it further. He took a training seminar and became Certified to install Belbien in 1994. He was among the first in the United States to do so.

After successfully completing his first Belbien project, word quickly spread to the National Distributor, Rutkowski & Associates, Inc. Jim soon became their lead installer.
As demand for Belbien grew nationwide, the opportunity to become the exclusive installation firm for Rutkowski & Associates, Inc. was offered. Realizing the potential of this new and innovative product, Jim and Jane decided to refocus all their energies on Belbien sales and installation. Land and Sea Surfacing, Inc. was born! Jim sent his best craftsmen to be trained and Certified. He required his "new installers" to work with him side by side for one year, honing their skills. They soon had a work force of Certified, experienced Belbien installers that work in teams across the country in a wide range of niches, including Healthcare, Banking, Corporate/Retail, Gaming and Marine.

With hard work and dedication, they have had great success over the past 18 years. Jane explains the three basic philosophies that are the bedrock of their success:

  1. Dependability:  We honor our commitments. You can always count on us to get the job done on time and on budget.

  2. Superior Work Ethic:  We take great pride in what we do. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

  3. Guarantee: We stand behind our work. We promise you the best products, installed properly, for a fair price.