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Belbien and LG are easily applied in the field to surfaces that are very difficult applications for traditional laminates, wood veneers and stones. 

A good example is round columns. 

See picture below: 
Our installation process is quick, clean and non-disruptive. We are able to resurface your nurse's stations and millwork without closing down areas of your facility during renovations. 

Our installers work during off-peak hours to minimize any inconvenience to your staff and customers/patients.

There is no need for lost revenue while you upgrade your facility. 

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At Land and Sea Surfacing, we specialize in resurfacing existing fixtures, saving you the time and expense to replace or relaminate. Our resurfacing products are specifically designed to do just that -resurface. 

We offer Belbien and LG Hausys vinyl claddings. Belbien and LG are very durable vinyl claddings with an integrated pressure sensitive adhesive system that is meant for a permanent bond. ​When properly applied to an appropriate substrate, Belbien and LG provide a very durable, stain resistant decorative appearance that gives you the realistic look of wood veneer, metal, marble, granite, suede, leather, etc., without the maintenance and upkeep that comes with natural materials. 

​We know that in today's economy, renovating budgets are tighter than ever. We strive to help you stretch your renovation dollar with helpful suggestions, and we stock many patterns locally in the U.S for quick turn-arounds. 

​We take great pride in providing superior customer service, top quality products and clean, non-disruptive installation techniques. 

​We work nationwide, providing Belbien and LG in the Banking, Healthcare, Hospitality and Corporate/Retail industries, and worldwide in the Gaming and Marine industries.  

We take great pride in what we do. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.​

We stand behind our work. We promise you the best products, installed properly, for a fair price.​


Superior Work Ethic​

We honor our commitments. You can always count on us to get the job done on time and on budget.​


We are a full service national distributor for Belbien offering sales & installation nationwide and serving the Marine Industry worldwide.